The worst piece of advice ever to Trump

Jonah Goldberg, writing at National Review, says that President Trump is guilty and should apologize. In l’affaire Ukraine, the president is guilty as charged. And the best strategy for him to avoid impeachment by the House and perhaps even removal by the Senate is to admit it, apologize, and let voters make their own judgment. It’s also the best way to fend off a disaster for Senate Republicans.   This is one pathetic piece of advice which could have been written by any of many NeverTrumpers like Boot, Noonan, Rubin, Brooks and Romney, who like to pretend they still are conservatives.  President Clinton signed an agreement with Ukraine in 1999 to cooperate to root out corruption, but according to Goldberg, most journalists, other Democrats and several Republicans, the only corruption Trump could ever ask about would be corruption by people other than Americans (does that make sense?).  Otherwise, Trump is guilty and could be...(Read Full Post)
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