The Economist, baseball, and Donald Trump

Much ado has been made about the reception President Trump received the other week at the fifth game of the World Series in National Park in Washington, D.C., but none has exaggerated as much as the Economist. In the November 2 issue, the title of the magazine's Lexington column was "Take me out of this ball game: Donald Trump's embarrassing reception at the World Series was a defining moment of his presidency."  So, despite all the major actions Trump has taken, The Economist thinks Trump getting booed at a baseball game, a game played in the belly of the beast, no less, is "a defining moment."  As Karol Markowicz writes in the New York Post, booing presidents at sporting events is something Americans typically do. It would have been interesting to see how Lexington would spin its "defining moment" narrative if the article was written after the president received sustained cheers from...(Read Full Post)
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