The Anti-Freedom Party

The Left has embarked on a full-scale assault on our freedoms.  Leftists have hijacked the Democratic Party and turned it into the Anti-Freedom Party over the past half-century, ramping up their efforts over the past decade. This country was founded on individual liberty and freedom.  As long as the individual does not infringe on the inalienable rights of life, liberty, and property of his counterparts, he is free to be left to his own devices.  No man has the right to rule over any part of another man's life without consent.  The bedrock of our republic is laid on the premise that we, as individuals, are ends in ourselves with the liberty to shape our own lives. Individual freedom and liberty are something all Americans should agree on regardless of political affiliation.  It is our "birthright" as Americans — to be free individuals charting our own course, expressing our free will, and pursuing the betterment of our condition...(Read Full Post)
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