Taking off the woke glasses

Sadly, common sense is not at all common in this day and age.  Even the "commonest" of sense is lacking.  Take bad behavior.  When I was a kid, anything "fresh" toward my parents was hastily squelched.  Once, my mom overheard me utter a remark geared toward her to a neighborhood playmate.  "What she doesn't know won't hurt her" was voiced secretively in regard to spending lunch money allocations on something other than lunch.  Well, by my mother's reaction, one would think I had committed high treason.  Punishment was both swift and harsh enough to produce its objective.  That was, in this case, respect for your mother. Fast-forward to around 1990 or so.  I was a new teacher, just having completed my Master's in education.  Teaching jobs were hard to find, but I was able to snag a temporary assignment in a school where I had survived my...(Read Full Post)
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