Strange media silence after Vindman testified he was offered job of Ukraine Minister of Defense 3 times

How is this not the major story coming out of the House Intelligence Committee “impeachment inquiry” hearings yesterday? A United States military officer serving in the White House with responsibilities for relations with a foreign country being offered the post of minister of defense of that country is shocking. Yet, yesterday’s testimony by Lt.Col. Alexander Vindman that he was offered the position of Minister of Defense of Ukraine is not the subject of banner headlines today. Vindman duly reported the offer up his chain of command, as any such offer must be reported. The fact that 2 other embassy staffers sitting with him when the offer was made, as he subsequently noted, made that report inescapable. He says that he did not take it seriously, calling it “somewhat comical” and “funny.” And the former Ukrainian official who made the offer, Oleksander Danylyuk, the former Chairman of the National Security and Defence Council in...(Read Full Post)
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