Stop the madness before the Democrats destroy the Constitution

There is one huge constitutional issue for any Senate impeachment trial that our current lightweight elected pols have not considered. The Democrats and their fake news enablers have staged a nasty fabricated show in the House, and the Senate, respecting the principle of comity will have a trial. But the Chief Justice’s impartiality, his most sacred shield of integrity, may have been totally compromised. In an American Thinker blog written September 2018 I pointed out that Chief Justice John Roberts bears sole legal responsibility for the FISA Court, which played a critical role in the attempt to drive him from office with the Russia Hoax: The chief justice of the Supreme Court is ultimately responsible for protecting all Americans from the growing evil of the 21st-century surveillance state.  This is because the FISC judges are unique in American history and are the wholly owned responsibility of Chief Justice John Roberts, who alone appoints them.  To...(Read Full Post)
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