Schiff bamboozles Republicans in Yovanovitch hearing

As chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, under the rules Herr Gruppenführer Schiff devised for his impeachment inquiry, he gets to begin every hearing with an opening statement, followed by opening statements from the witness — in Friday's iteration, Yovanovitch — and Republican ranking committee member Devin Nunes. After the opening statements, Schiff gets 45 minutes, any portion of which he can delegate, at his discretion, to Democratic counsel Daniel Goldman.  Nunes then gets his 45 minutes under the same rules.  All this is followed by five-minute intervals of questioning alternating between members of each party. Schiff's rules disallow the presence of White House counsel, and while Republicans can call witnesses, they must be approved by a committee vote, so essentially, Schiff decides, and that means no Republican witnesses.  Against all odds, and the predictions of...well, everybody,...(Read Full Post)
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