Russia beclowns itself on Bolivia โ€” alongside Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua...

It wasn't a big surprise to see Latin America's lefty states whining and licking their wounds after the ignominious exit of Evo Morales after a long near-dictatorship in Bolivia.  The Bolivian tradition is to boot them out when they do something egregious, and this guy committed naked electoral fraud in the October 20 election for his fourth term.  The protests were huge and fierce, the United Nations and the Organization of American States certified it all as fraud, and then the cops and the military joined the protesters.  That left Morales with no power and, as of yesterday, out on his ear.  It was cut and dried.  Good riddance. But Russia also joined the denouncers, pushing a stupid lefty narrative with a positively Pelosian disregard for the facts everyone can see: MOSCOW (Reuters) — Russia on Monday accused Bolivia's opposition of unleashing a wave of violence in the South...(Read Full Post)
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