Restraining an out-of-control House

On October 24, fifty of the fifty-three Republicans in the United States Senate sponsored a resolution calling on the House of Representatives to initiate a formal impeachment proceeding that provided "due process" to the president and, among other things, provided equal subpoena power to the House minority.  The resolution adopted by the House one week later, however,  continues the Star Chamber-like hearings before its Intelligence Committee and treats House Republicans as supplicants with respect to the subpoena power. Should the Senate respond, and, if so, how? Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell should hold a press conference, ASAP, to explain to the American people that the impeachment inquiry resolution adopted by the House majority amounts to a rebuff of the Senate's call for due process and equality of treatment for the House minority.  McConnell should explain that if the president accepted the unfair procedures adopted by the...(Read Full Post)
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