Rep. Brenda Lawrence ordered back onto the Democrats' impeachment plantation

So deep-blue, safe-seat Detroit Democrat Rep. Brenda Lawrence has supposedly backtracked on her call to censure instead of impeach President Trump.  No peel-off, no pullback, Democrats a solid bloc for impeachment, everything hunky-dory in the party. According to the Detroit News: Democratic U.S. Rep. Brenda Lawrence is walking back statements she made on a Detroit area podcast Sunday in which she seemed to be wavering on her support of President Donald Trump's impeachment. Republican groups, such as the National Republican Congressional Committee, had noted her remarks about censuring Trump, using them to ask why freshman Democratic Reps. Haley Stevens of Rochester Hills and Elissa Slotkin of Holly weren't similarly backing off support of possible impeachment.   Lawrence of Southfield issued a Tuesday statement noting she was an early supporter of Trump's impeachment inquiry and found Senate Republicans behavior regarding the...(Read Full Post)
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