Plot thickens the day after Mollie Hemingway outed so-called whistleblower on Fox News

A media tempest in a teapot followed Federalist senior editor, author, and Fox News contributor Mollie Hemingway's naming of the so-called whistleblower during FNC's live show Media Buzz on Sunday morning. Conservative media complimented her for finally breaking through the MSM wall of silence on naming the accuser who got the ball rolling on the effort to impeach President Trump for his July 25 Ukraine phone call.  Predictably, the MSM and NeverTrumps were mostly critical of Hemingway's comments. In an unusual if not unprecedented move, the scheduled replay of Media Buzz, which always takes place at 3 A.M. E.T. Monday, 13 hours after the program first airs live from Washington, D.C., was apparently spiked.  This weekend, another pre-recorded show on veterans was substituted in its place.  Last week, a number of media reported that Fox News management had recently informed its producers and on-air talent not to name the so-called...(Read Full Post)
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