Pathetic: Katie Hill would like you to know she's still important

"Throuples" enthusiast Katie Hill, who booted herself from Congress to avoid an investigation on how she exploited an intern and diddled a staff member, would like you to know she's still important. Here are some of her stupid tweets and tweet exchanges. First, she got into a scrap with a congressman two days ago, who, unlike Hill, managed to refrain from diddling the staff and, as a result, still has his job: No like this actually happened. Real members of Congress tweeting out real conspiracy theories. In an acrostic no less. — Katie Hill (@KatieHill4CA) November 14, 2019 Gee Doc, I am sorry you’re behind the times. @sho_shameless taught the country that word way back in season 7. And please don’t talk to me about a tattoo... because you just admitted you clicked to see my nudes and that disturbs the hell out of me. — Katie Hill (@KatieHill4CA) November 14,...(Read Full Post)
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