Only Trump can save the US now

Americans need to acknowledge that impeachment is not about impeachment.  It is about politically damaging Trump to the point where he will lose his bid for re-election in 2020. Should they succeed, understanding the damage Democrats' impeachment fever will have wrought to the foundation of this nation is not something only supporters of the president need acknowledge.  The Democrats must do so as well, because there will be repercussions that will rock the foundations of this nation.  They need to see what's coming just as much as conservatives because what they have done to overthrow a duly elected president will reverberate throughout history. It's not just their hatred for Trump and the three-year attempted coup they have participated in.  It's the premise that there need not be any wrongdoing committed by the president for the House to commence impeachment proceedings, in addition to the majority party having written...(Read Full Post)
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