Omar-as-spy story falls apart

A story making the rounds, based on court testimony from a Saudi fixer — that Rep. Ilhan Omar is a spy for Qatar — is starting to fall apart.  It didn't smell right from the start, which is why we at AT didn't touch it, but now the Daily Caller News Foundation has pretty decisively blown the rubbish out of the water.  The Caller reports: The deposition [made in Florida by Saudi fixer Alan Bender] includes all manner of accusations, such as that Omar is a "sex maniac" and that reporters at CNN, the Washington Post and the New York Times are on the payroll of Qatar. Bender appeared eager to expose all of that dirt, yet inexplicably said he'd "rather not" provide key details, such as the names of the reporters supposedly taking bribes. "I'd rather not say 'cause I know the name and details," he said of CNN. "I'd rather not mention specific names but I have, yes,...(Read Full Post)
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