Obama a sellout?

Barack Obama is selling out to stuffy-nosed swells.  Don’t take my word for it; that’s the dim asseveration of David Dayen, executive editor of the liberal periodical the American Prospect. In an optimism-popping post “What Obama Really Wants,” Dayen explores taboo territory for Democrats: a clear-eyed assessment of what the forty-fourth President wants to see in the 2020 election (besides his spare frame back behind the Resolute desk).  Dayen ditches the burnished terms with which the media usually uses to describe the former community organizer and law don.  He opts for Realpolitik: “[Obama’s] interventions in the presidential race are music to the ears of the wealthy and powerful.” How is Obama, the one-time tribune for the hope-starved underclass, now doing the bidding of the well-heeled set?  By splashing cold water on his party’s red hots.  “The average American doesn’t think we have to...(Read Full Post)
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