Nancy Pelosi's worst nightmare slowly comes to life

Nancy Pelosi fought a lot with her far-left socialist extremist "Squad" members, primarily over the issue of impeaching President Trump. "It's just not worth it," she tried to tell the far leftists in her camp, trying to bat off their yipping and yapping. What the wizened old grande dame of the Democrats feared was a replay of 1998, the Republican bid to impeach Bill Clinton, which left that party out on its ear.  She knew that it would be the same for Democrats, and the latter would lose big.  She knew, and for that she fought those far leftists from low-turnout solid blue districts who were too young to remember that lesson and too arrogant to learn it. It's pretty obvious she's ruing this turn of affairs, given that what she expected is exactly what's happening now. Here's the observation of a Washington Post reporter, describing the sentiment now on...(Read Full Post)
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