Nancy and Willie warning Democrats

A few days after witnessing "Democrats minus two" vote for some version of an "impeach but not impeach" resolution, we get these two warnings from the West Coast. First, Willie Brown, retired Democrat, warned Democrats about impeachment.  He was brutally honest: If the goal was to damage President Trump by formalizing the impeachment inquiry, it's Mission Unaccomplished for House Democrats. If anything, the vote solidified Trump's hold on power. There were zero GOP defections, meaning we have zero drama heading into the public phase of impeachment. Everyone is pretty much in the same lanes they've been in since the Russian-collusion investigation, the obstruction of justice investigation and every other investigation. Unfortunately for the Democrats, that gives people little reason to be glued to their screens when House committees take public testimony. The basic story — Trump pressured Ukraine to announce...(Read Full Post)
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