Message from Kentucky: Strong candidates matter

President Trump tried.  And he warned Kentuckians at a huge rally a few days ago that the gubernatorial race was going to be viewed by all as a referendum on him. So the apparent loss of Republican Gov. Matt Bevin to Democrat Andy Beshear last night is a stinger.  A Trump endorsement is usually a surefire means of winning the election, and it has been up until now for nearly all candidates in special elections, which is why so many candidates want them.  Once Trump endorses, Republicans almost always win.  But apparently, not even a Trump endorsement was enough for Bevin, who had some popularity problems.  The punditocracy is calling curtains for Trump.  The Washington Post is calling it "embarrassing."  But there's plenty of reason to be dubious. Bevin seems to have lost for three reasons:  One, as the Washington Post notes, he got into office...(Read Full Post)
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