Left's new spin: The Soviet communists 'saved democracy as much as Gen. Patton and Iwo Jima'

The title of a feature article Tuesday in The Daily Beast by the author of a new book is bad enough: "9 Reasons to Thank the USSR: How We Got the Cold War Wrong."  As anti-communist historian and author Diana West tweeted about it, "[c]an't recall reading anything more appalling on more levels."  The Beast is appalling enough on a daily basis, all right, but this article and the book it summarizes should scare the living daylights out of every patriot out there. The 800-word article, and the 512-page book it is drawn from, Someone Is Out to Get Us: A Not So Brief History of Cold War Paranoia and Madness, are by Brian T. Brown.  At his Twitter page, Brown — big surprise: he's not a friend of President Trump or conservatives — describes himself as a "Bumbling but devoted adventurer in dark alleys of American paranoia." In the Daily Beast,...(Read Full Post)
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