Latin loving quid-pro-quo lefties need to be fair to Trump

Our founding fathers were well versed in Latin.  In fact, Latin phrases and mottoes adorn our national treasures and pepper our corpus of political discourse and jurisprudence.  Today, one stands out above all as the Dems, desperate to usurp the upcoming presidential election, embark on an impeachment coup: quid pro quo.  When considering the apparatus of our government, the founders favored a distribution of power similar to that of the Roman Republic.  Benjamin Franklin captured their admiration of the early republic's virtue and its representative nature when responding to a question about what the constitutional delegates had crafted:  "A republic, if you can keep it."  Distressingly, the Dems don't want to keep it.  They seem more intent on a consolidation of power in keeping with Caesar and subsequent dictators in the Roman Empire.  They should be careful what they wish for, because...(Read Full Post)
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