Julian Castro: First primary states should be more reflective of American diversity

Democratic presidential candidate Julián Castro recently said that Iowa and New Hampshire should no longer be the first states to hold a caucus and a primary, opining that it's time to "change the order of the states."  The former mayor of San Antonio told MSNBC — during a campaign stop in Iowa, no less —  "I don't believe we're the same country we were in 1972.  That's when Iowa first held its caucus first, and by the time we have the next presidential election in 2024, it'll have been more than 50 years since 1972.  Our country's changed a lot in those 50 years." Astute observation, Sherlock.  What are you really trying to say? Castro added that the two states, demographically speaking, are "not reflective of the United States as a whole, certainly not reflective of the Democratic Party, and I believe that other states should have their chance[.] ... I...(Read Full Post)
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