Impeachment: The great 'Why should I care?'

It is almost amusing the watch the consternation of those in the elite bubbles as their Impeachment Circus Grande goes largely unwatched and their own pointed interests seem to be of little interest to others. Why, oh why? In the end each person has and will have their own life story to tell. And I expect for many this Big In D.C. event will play almost no part whatever. For myself, who has watched not a single minute of these proceedings on TV, nor even the snatches that have made it to the various blogs I read, it has come down to a few simple questions: "Why are the people doing this? Concern about law or justice? Or are they simply looking for personal (or political) gain?" The answer is obviously #2, so why should I even give them my attention? Then, to the degree I have any remaining interest, my questioning goes to more personal matters, and in this it seems I am not alone. "How am I and my fellow citizens being...(Read Full Post)
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