How populism will change the electoral landscape

We're living in a populist moment.  That is the contention of a number of journalists, thinkers, observers, panjandrums, and political invigilators. From Washington to Warsaw, the West is seeing the postwar order of openness and  flexibility challenged.  A nascent nationalism is taking root, challenging the core precepts of liberal cosmopolitanism that have shaped social and economic policy since the Bretton Woods Conference concluded seventy-odd years ago. That's the big picture.  What it looks like electorally is a shuffling of alliances, a rejiggering of traditional constituencies.  Loyalties are crossing border lines, almost literally. In the U.K., working-class voters are putting their piddling fortunes behind the Tories, rather than their natural home in Labor.  There is a concomitant reversing of field among the middle class, which is swapping blue kits for red.  As Andrew Sullivan writes,...(Read Full Post)
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