Hong Kong: The Battle of No. 2 Bridge

In the last six months of unrest in Hong Kong, never was there a time like the Battle of No. 2 Bridge. It’s likely that November 12, 2019 may be most remembered for an unlikely victory against all odds when university students wielding crude weapons defeated a highly modernized police force. For most of that Tuesday afternoon the riot police controlled the eastern No. 2 Bridge, situated over Tolo Highway and train tracks which are major arteries in the New Territories region, and situated on the perimeter of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). At roughly 3:15 the riot police charged up the hillside and stormed CUHK campus with hundreds of protesting students retreating deeper into the safety of the tertiary institution. With journalists onlooking, students held vigilant at Sir Philip Haddon-Cave Sports Field, which was covered in lingering tear gas. Rising from the campus-battlefield, the sound of weapons firing could be heard for roughly twenty minutes while...(Read Full Post)
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