Hey, Democrats: Check out what a far left agenda is doing to your U.K. Labour buddies

Remember how the U.K. Labour party made a stink about not wanting a general election, claiming they'd rather that conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson stay in office and instead be forced to delay Brexit again and again and again? They tried hard for that one. Johnson's Halloween deadline for Brexit passed but he got a coming December election all right, offering an open invitation to voters to throw him out if they didn't like what he was doing. Ummm, well, there's a new poll out, and now we know what the fuss was all about. According to The Sun: BORIS Johnson could win a massive 96-seat Conservative majority as Jeremy Corbyn faces an election wipeout, a major new poll has revealed. The Tories have been struggling to see Brexit through without a working majority - and are hoping this Christmas election will get them back on track. A recent poll sees Boris Johnson returning to Parliament with 373 MPs - 75 more than the 298...(Read Full Post)
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