Elizabeth Warren has as much commanding power as my school librarian

Some online commenter compared Liz Warren to his high school librarian when he was a kid.  That sure rang a bell with me. The late Ms. Thatcher (name changed) was that librarian in my small-town high school back in the sixties. The poor old gal did her best to project competence and control, but all that ever came of it was ridicule.  It was just impossible to take her seriously.  Even I, as a relatively serious student, could only shake my head and sometimes laugh out loud at the old bat. I think she was mentally stuck in some ancient model of a school library, maybe from the thirties, where by virtue of position and age she commanded respect and wielded a modicum of authority.  She carried herself in a way reminiscent of a bantam rooster, but being so small in stature did not lend itself to that image.  What came across was a little girl decked out in mommy's heels and lipstick, playing grown-up. Some of us couldn't...(Read Full Post)
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