Can Dems go back to the future on Trump impeachment?

Mad Maxine Waters was screaming "Impeach 45" before the Electoral College even met to complete Donald Trump's election as our president. Left-leaning news outlets joined the chorus.  It was almost impossible to hear anything good about the president with the cacophony from the Left.  Then Mueller was appointed to investigate Russia's role in the 2016 election.  It was really the Weissmann inquiry, and the "twelve angry Democrats" came up empty.  They tried to couch their failure in the language of non-acquittal in order to leave the door open for someone else to nail Trump.  But the jig was up, and "collusion" died whimpering on the floor of the congressional committee room. There was no "there" there, as Peter Strzok is reported to have said. Then in short order, a new complaint arose.  Supposedly, Trump had asked Ukrainian president Zelensky to "dig up dirt on...(Read Full Post)
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