California’s malaise

The erstwhile “Land of Milk and Honey” is now the land of syringes and human fecal matter on the streets. Homelessness is rampant. Fires burn. Power has been shut off to hundreds of thousands of people. Perishables are spoiling. Darkness reigns in too many areas. The similarities between what is now occurring in parts of California and what is happening in Venezuela, albeit on a larger and more desperate scale, are many and chilling.  Or should be. Venezuela is another former paradise, the onetime jewel of the Caribbean. It, too, has gone figuratively -- and literally -- dark. The necessities of life have become scarce, though it sits on the world’s largest pool of black gold. Though the nation also possesses large reserves of natural gas, bauxite, iron ore, diamonds and gold, people have resorted to eating zoo animals -- and their pets -- to stave off starvation. Power is often scarce, potable water, too. Millions have fled the country altogether. All of...(Read Full Post)
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