Brave new world: Girl wins state wrestling championship against girls while pretending to be a boy

A Texas girl won the girls' state high school wrestling championship in the 110-pound division.  What's confusing about that — a girl wins the girls' title?  Well, it's not that simple.  It seems the girl in question, who goes by the name of Mack Beggs, is trying to become a guy.  In the "transitioning" process, Beggs has been taking weekly testosterone injections for three years.   It is reported that Beggs asked to wrestle in the boys' division but was turned down.  That's because Texas has a sensible rule saying school athletes must compete under the sex on their birth certificate. It is worth noting that Beggs also won the girls' title last year. The New York Post  reports that on the way to that title, two females in the regional tournament forfeited for fear of being injured by the testosterone-filled...(Read Full Post)
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