Bloomberg going Beto

A week ago, I thought that Michael Bloomberg might be a formidable foe to President Trump, especially as an independent outflanking the hysterical left running the Democrat Party.   As an independent, Bloomberg would have been able to talk about his successes fighting crime and his ideas for the economy.   Well, drop that!  Bloomberg is going "Beto" and pandering to the left big time.  This is the latest example, from the New York Post:    Former mayor Michael Bloomberg offered a stunning apology on Sunday for his administration’s reliance on stop-and-frisk policing, admitting to a Brooklyn church, “I was wrong, and I am sorry.” The bombshell reversal ends Bloomberg’s zealous, years-long defense of one of the most contentious parts of his three-term legacy -- and comes as the billionaire political moderate positions himself for an expected 2020 Democratic presidential run. “I was...(Read Full Post)
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