Bloomberg a 'moderate' Democrat? Make that a 'micromanaging' Democrat

Michael Bloomberg is in the Democratic presidential race, and everyone is hailing his entry as the introduction of a new sort of creature for the Democrats, the "moderate." Here's the WaPo tiptoeing onto that line: The move marks a major reversal for Bloomberg, who announced in March that he would not run for president, and also serves as a public rebuke of the performance so far of former vice president Joe Biden, who has attempted to build a coalition of the same moderate Democrats that Bloomberg would court. Here's this beaut from another supposed moderate, Amy Klobuchar, cheesed off at the competition, via Politico: But Klobuchar, one of several candidates in the crowded moderate lane of the race that Bloomberg would also occupy, asserted that being displeased with the current crop of contenders was not a good enough reason on its own to join the fray. "I certainly welcome Mayor Bloomberg to the race. He's done...(Read Full Post)
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