Ayers's son, Chesa Boudin, claims he's leading the vote tally for San Francisco's DA

If you want to know how bad San Francisco's gotten — and how much worse still it could get — get a load of this tweet, from Chesa Boudin, adopted son of Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn: Our lead is bigger than it has ever been, and we expect it to grow over the coming days. Our focus right now is on ensuring every vote is counted. We are so humbled by the number of people continuing to believe in fundamental change. Our movement is strong. — Chesa Boudin 博徹思 (@chesaboudin) November 8, 2019 According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Boudin, who's running for district attorney in San Francisco, is just 800 votes behind in that race, and there are still 34,000 mail-in ballots to count.  He's apparently benefited from the "first choice" ranking of votes, which amounts to rigging in San Francisco.  If that and other California practices hold, Chesa's call to "count all the...(Read Full Post)
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