A long train of abuses: Social Security, welfare, and health care

The world's largest Ponzi scheme, Social Security, is sanctioned by the United States government — a program that is, in short, a coercive property transfer from young to old individuals. Social Security has weakened our social fabric.  It transfers moral responsibility from the individual, or family of individuals, to society.  Moral responsibility is not a social issue, but an individual one.  Aging Americans being taken care of is a noble end, but noble ends do not justify an abuse on individual rights, and in this case, the means do not even achieve the desired ends.  If there ever were a just cause to violate rights, this surely isn't one. The welfare state has likewise weakened our social fabric.  The growth of the welfare state raises the question: "why on earth, while over the past 50 years, affluence and quality of life in the United States have risen to the highest they have ever been, have welfare...(Read Full Post)
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