A glimpse of freedom

Sometimes, a brief moment in time, however trivial, can remain perpetually with you.  One such moment beamed its way into my consciousness around 1979.  I was working as a camp counselor and having the time of my life.  Almost every day after camp, a big group of us got together to hang out, drink beer, and listen to our favorite albums. One day, my brother picked me up in my parents' Gran Torino.  Heading home, windows open, wind blowing on my suntanned face, I experienced the most profound and dazzling sensation of my life.  It was freedom.  I basked in the realization that this notion of sweet liberty was allowable and even possible in that point in time.  I remember wondering if that light would strike again and if others had experienced it, too.  I also wondered if and how things would change. Much has happened to our country since 1979.  Countless laws and much legislation have...(Read Full Post)
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