A DACA deal? Trump knows what he's doing

Now that it looks as though the Supreme Court is going to uphold President Trump's scrapping of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) executive order, criticism is coming in fast from the likes of pundits such as Ann Coulter for speaking of a potential deal with Democrats that might just follow. Fine and dandy — none of us thinks it's a good idea to incentivize and reward lawbreaking.  All the same, ending DACA is a tough political choice for Trump, given the nonstop media coverage of crying children supposedly headed for the seventh circle of hell that is democratic...El Salvador, or wherever, which is sure to follow.  Seems no one can live in such places, even though millions of people do.  For this reason, Trump has never been an absolutist on DACA, and in the past, he has said he was in favor of some kind of mercy deal for the illegal aliens brought here as children. That's where...(Read Full Post)
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