World Series musings

October is baseball's crowning month to a lengthy season.  The pennant races have been decided and the World Series begun and sometimes ended.  The fans of also-ran teams watch and wonder why their teams didn't get there. We Arizona Diamondbacks fans may feel this longing more than most.  Former Dback players dot the lineups of nearly all the most successful teams.  Zack Greinke and Max Scherzer, two of the top pitchers in the game today, once pitched for us.  Didi Grigorius, Yankee shortstop, spent a couple of seasons in Arizona.  Red Sox power hitter J.D. Martinez put In a half-season slugging in our ball yard.  Patrick Corbin of the Nationals, Paul Goldschmidt with the Cardinals, A.J. Pollock over in L.A. — all erstwhile heroes in the southwestern desert along I-10.  These are just the names that come readily to mind. It's hard to understand why a team that had Pollock,...(Read Full Post)
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