Will the media ever tell the public the truth about executive pay instead of pushing the Democrat agenda?

Bernie Sanders and other Democrats, with the support of most of the media, rail against corporations and their CEOs, and always demand more money for the government as they pretend to care about helping the poor and middle class reduce the pay and income gap. American CEOs deserve a pay cut. Bernie Sanders has a plan to make that happen. In 2018, the average S&P 500 CEO earned 287 times more than their median employee, according to an analysis by the AFL-CIO. According to yet another analysis, this one by the consultancy Equilar and the Associated Press, the typical worker would need to put in more than 150 years on the job before they brought home what their company's CEO did in one year. Not surprisingly, Americans — after decades of stagnant wages — are furious. The staggering CEO-to-worker pay gap has played a role in everything from the Fight for $15 movement to the current GM strike. Yet there is no justification for their giant...(Read Full Post)
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