Why Iran's Rouhani refuses to meet with President Trump

Speaking to reporters, French oresident Emmanuel Macron said during his flight to the United States: "Iranians are flexible about parameters but say about meeting that it should be done at the end of the process, while Americans are aiming to meet in the short-term."  He noted that "Donald Trump makes decisions quick and on his own.  He has a trade attitude, so it's not hard to convince him.  But Hassan Rouhani needs to negotiate with a whole system and forty years of its past history." On the meeting between Trump and Rouhani, Macron has rightly touched on a point that explains the Iranian regime's actions in the current Middle East crisis and over the last forty years.  The Iranian regime was able to crack down on nits opponents on the one hand and, on the other hand, brought together the backward forces of society centered on fundamentalist Islam in Iran and the region, including the forces that made up the...(Read Full Post)
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