Why impeachment, and why now?

The current impeachment is about one thing and one thing only.  It is about Democrat incumbents in Congress winning future Democrat primaries. I have thought since the 2018 election that this Congress would impeach President Trump.  My original guess was that they would impeach President Trump in their lame duck period after the 2020 election, whether the Democrats or Republicans win a majority in the Congress in the 2020 election, whether or not the GOP retains control of the Senate, whether or not he wins re-election in 2020. The lame duck session after the 2020 election is the safest time for Democrats to impeach President Trump.   Whether President Trump has been re-elected or not, the Senate and President Trump's supporters will ignore the impeachment vote.  That makes a lame duck Congress impeachment safe for Democrats. Having voted to impeach President Trump will be a badge of honor in every Democrat primary for the next...(Read Full Post)
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