When will women say 'enough!'?

When will women arise as a group and declare "enough!"?  I assert that women's rights are eroding as the transgenderism movement continues to build momentum.  Three absurd news stories coming out of this weekend, from which "National Period Day" has been added to my lexicon, underscore my assertion.  No, I'm not making this up. Yesterday's edition of Newsweek features an emerging backlash and boycott against Procter & Gamble's Always brand for removing its ubiquitous Venus logo, after Ben Saunders took offense via Twitter this past June.  Ben is an 18-year-old trans activist from the U.K. who was named campaigner of the year by LGBT charity Stonewall.  Another trans activist, who identifies as Melly Boom, echoed Ben's concern with the following tweet to the Always customer care team, "Why is it imperative to have the female symbol on your sanitary products?"  As...(Read Full Post)
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