Voting with their eyeballs, cable news viewers keep Fox News high atop the ratings

Catering to Trump Derangement Syndrome hasn't been a winning strategy for CNN and MSNBC.  As third-quarter ratings have been released, poor Rachel Maddow still hasn't recovered from the slump engendered by the embarrassing flop of Robert Mueller's report and testimony, making her years-long foaming-at-the-mouth hyping of "Russia collusion!" an utter embarrassment. Meanwhile, Fox News Channel remains the highest rated cable channel of all — not just cable news, but all of the hundreds of cable channels. William Davis of the Daily Caller reports: Sean Hannity had the highest rated news show for the third quarter, averaging 3,276,000 viewers, followed by Tucker Carlson with 3,082,000 viewers, Laura Ingraham with 2,629,000 viewers, and finally Rachel Maddow who averaged 2,518,000 viewers, according to Nielsen Media Research. It was Maddow's lowest-rated quarter since the second quarter of 2016. There...(Read Full Post)
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