Ukraine takes off the gloves

In a story scarcely noticed by Our Honest Media™, the Ukraine prosecutor's office has announced that it is reviewing closed investigations into Burisma, the company that employed Hunter Biden for his vast expertise in fossil fuels and international trade. Ukraine is reviewing all the cases involving Mykola Zlochevskyi, Burisma's owner.  There are no fewer than 15 cases involving Zlochevskyi, which might make the disinterested observer wonder why there's any question at all concerning his connection with the Bidens. In a statement that might have raised eyebrows if anyone had been paying attention, Ukrainian general prosecutor Ruslan Riaboshapka told the press that he was reviewing cases that "have been closed in violation of the law or other procedural violations."  [I]n those cases where there were illegal decisions [to close cases] to further review them. We have already reviewed, and made determinations on, dozens of such...(Read Full Post)
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