Today's liberals are not Progressives, but Regressives

The time between 1890 and 1920 was known as the Progressive Era.  It was a time when Americans demanded responses to a number of economic and social problems.  These problems were brought about by the transformative Industrial Revolution (I.R.). The I.R. propelled the U.S. to have the world's largest and most prosperous economy.  It was remarkable, since the U.S. went from the birth of the nation to the most prosperous in less than 150 years.  Other countries were hundreds or even thousands of years older. But with the prosperity and a much higher quality standard of living came some economic and social problems. Prior to the I.R., there were no factory jobs.  As a result, the labor force was generally employed in agriculture, ranching, or a skilled trade.  Many families simply produced enough to sustain the family, usually with a minimum of tools.  This resulted in a lifestyle where there was little...(Read Full Post)
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