The real CIA

The CIA's involvement in the Steele dossier fraud and its use of college professor agents against the Trump campaign were cartoonish.  The dossier reads as though it was written late in the evening after a few drinks.  The current CIA whistleblower operation is dramatically more sophisticated.  The written complaint was obviously put together by teams of experts.  It's all nonsense, but it's excellent nonsense.  There's sloppiness — the inspector general got caught altering whistleblower procedures to grease the wheels for this operation, as discovered by Sean Davis at the Federalist.  But the CIA is evolving and becoming better at operations against American political targets.  I give the agents a tip of the hat for their professional improvement. The CIA is far from being the murderous threat of a KGB or Gestapo, and its tactics so far have been weasely, assaulting our...(Read Full Post)
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