The new green era dawns in California

A blueprint for the deindustrialization of the U.S. is being revealed even now in (you guessed it) California. Beginning early yesterday morning, a series of total power shutoffs by Pacific Gas & Electric began in every county of the Bay Area, along with a number of others to the north (the number of counties involved total 34).  The sole exception — as you might have guessed — is San Francisco. The power cutoffs are complete, with no exceptions for hospitals, emergency services, phone networks, etc., the purpose being to eliminate all power flowing through overhead power lines in the affected areas in a clumsy, ill considered effort to prevent wildfires.  Vast areas of central California will be returned by fiat to the conditions of the 19th century. Something like 800,000 PG&E customers will be affected.  The duration of the shutoff is effectively arbitrary and may extend up to five days or more.  (I would guess...(Read Full Post)
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