The CFC ban has nothing to do with the closing of the ozone hole

On October 24, AT published the article "Ozone Hole Shrinking, NASA Announces."  The author, Howard J. Warner, correctly wrote that there are many factors that cause the Earth's ozone layer to grow or shrink and that chlorofluorocarbons (CFC's) are merely one factor of many.  Mr. Warner cited volcanoes as one of these factors, for example.  He provided a link to an article, which stated that although the Antarctic ozone hole is now shrinking overall, it actually grew in 2016, owing to the recent one-time eruption of the Chilean volcano Mount Calbuco.  This eruption injected sulfur into the atmosphere, which formed the compound sulfuric acid (H2SO4) — which ate away at the ozone layer. Ozone hole in 2010 (Photo credit: NASA). One of the commenters to Mr. Howard's article was kind enough to include the entire chemical reaction by which every CFC molecule is alleged to eat away at some 100,000 ozone...(Read Full Post)
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