Swirling down the Ukraine

Up until recently, most Americans knew almost nothing about the country of Ukraine, much less locating it on a world map.  The country of Ukraine formed after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991.  Shortly thereafter; boundary lines were drawn, a new governing body was formed, and a declaration of independence was adopted by the newly installed Ukrainian Parliament.  Due to an unstable government, crime and corruption soon followed, and despite a series of free elections, gross government and economic mismanagement has prevailed.  With Ukraine ripe for exploitation, a plethora of people (foreign and domestic) have taken duplicitous advantage of the situation there for the singular purpose of unjustly enriching themselves.  It should come as no surprise that certain American politicians are complicit in the corruption, whether it be adult children of former Obama administration officials, the Clinton Crime Family and their assignees, or...(Read Full Post)
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