Some perspective on Hunter Biden's gigantic Burisma compensation

I did a little research.  Hunter Biden is reported to have received $80,000 per month in compensation for serving on the Board of Directors of Burisma.  This is a total of $960,000 per year.  Burisma's books are not open to the public, but its revenue is estimated to be $400 million in 2018. All of the coverage of this that I have seen focuses on the large amount of money Biden received.  I decided to see how this compares to normal compensation for a board member. How much does a member of a Board of Directors normally make?  Here's a little chart showing the average compensation for a nonemployee board member for two prominent corporations along with the gross revenue of the company (2018):   Avg. Compensation Gross Revenue of Company Texas Instruments 249,000 15,780,000,000 Shell...(Read Full Post)
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