Silent Kamala: Her state's on fire, swathed in blackouts and she's still tweeting about illegals

Presidential candidate Kamala Harris's home state of California is in the throes of a catastrophic natural disaster. Fires are burning up and down the state, at least seven of them big ones. ABC News reports 15. All three major metropolitian areas - Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego, plus the mountain and rural areas (and cripes, and even nearby Mexico) have back country areas on fire all at once, with, as of this writing, about 50,000 acres incinerating in record-high Category 1 hurricane-level winds. At least 90,000 residents have been ordered to flee, a huge disruptive mass migration of entire populations, and likely to lead to another crisis if they all can't be placed in the shelter they are going to need. Another 250,000 are being told to be ready to flee. Millions more are engulfed in preemptive blackouts, 2.7 million at last count, in a desperate bid by regional electrical providers, such as PG&E (and other power...(Read Full Post)
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