New York's Gov. Cuomo says there 'ought to be a law'...against his own policies

Blue-state governors seem to go into a slightly different category from your average leftist. Unlike, say, professional bloviators found in Congress whose stock in trade is talk, or leftist judges who never have to live with the results of their decisions, or activist non-government organizations incentivized by government cash to expand social problems, blue-state governors are actually held accountable by voters for the effects of their wreak-havoc blue-state decisions. This brings us to Fredo Cuomo's supposedly smarter brother, New York's Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who's hollering "there ought to be a law" — against his own policies.  He speaks with forked tongue. Here's the front page of the New York Post: Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Friday "there oughta be a law" to keep the subways menace-free following the assault arrest of the suspected serial emergency brake puller — and vowed to "propose" one...(Read Full Post)
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